Enrolment at S. V.GETWELL SCHOOL implies on the part of the student and parents willingness to comply with the rules and regulations of the School.

  1. Students must be present at the school on a regular basis. There will not be approval of any leave of non-attendance without any application properly signed by their parents or guardians.
  2. Students will attend the school in neat and tidy uniform. If a student is found in a mess, he/ she will likely to be sent back to house and there will be accountability on the parents/ guardians.
  3. Students are anticipated to arrive in time at school. Students reporting late without having specific reason are liable to return to home. In such cases, school shall not be liable legally for the same or any mishap on their way back home.
  4. Students are stringently prohibited to abscond from the school premises during the normal school hours with no consent of the Principal/Class teacher.
  5. School shall not permit any student for smoking, chewing of any tobacco items or spitting etc. in the premises. There may be a scrutiny of contravention of this regulation sincerely and may cause student removal from the school.
  6. It is expected from every student not to scrape or mess up an article or furniture, inscribe or sketch no matter which of the wall or in any ways dent things. Students shall be liable to pay the cost hereof if found guilty for the same.
  7. Day scholars are strictly forbidden to carry message and letters or make purchase for Boarders.
  8. No students are allowed to use any electronic items like mobile phones or any other inside the school premises. The school have the full jurisdiction to destroy or mutilate the said items, if found against the rules.
  9. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than 6 consecutive days, renders the students liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Readmission may be granted only on payment of fresh admission fee at the discretion of the principal.
  10. Parents/Guardians are requested to Co-operate with the school in maintaining norms, traditions, educational environment and discipline of the school by following:
    • That they should go through the school circular regarding fee, leaves, progress report promptly and comply with instructions regarding extra attention required for the studies of their wards.
    • That their wards don’t overstay after vacations/ leave and report back to school timely.
    • That their wards are properly equipped with study material and neatly and tidily dressed while coming to the school.

The school authorities may implement its precise to terminate a student under subsequent state of affairs. The students may be withdrawn or terminated from the school or boarding on the following ground:

  1. If a student fails to pay the necessary admission fees within a period of 10 days.
  2. If a student or parent behaves badly and uses awful words to the teachers and staff. If a student tries to institute indiscipline within the school.
  3. If a student is caught using unfair-means at some point in the exam.
  4. If a student falls a serious illness.
  5. If a student is found very poor in academic performance.
  6. Possession of mobile phone, electronic gadgets/ pack of cards etc.
  7. Consumption of intoxicants like liquor, tobacco, pan etc.


  1. For withdrawal of a student a clear two months prior notice must be given in writing or two months fees will be charged in lieu of the notice period.
  2. No transfer certificate or progress report will be issued unless dues are cleared.
  3. Name of the student who remain absent without sanctioned leave for 7 consecutive days will be struck off the roll without intimation.

1. Fee is payable for twelve calendar months of the year.
2. The fee will be paid as follows:
i) For April, May & June by 10th April.
ii) For July, August & September by 10th July.
iii) For October, November & December by 10th October.
iv) For Jan, Feb & March by 10th January.

1Steel grey trouser1Steel grey Phanek
2White Full Shirt (winter)2White Full Shirt (winter)
3White Half Shirt (summer)3White Half Shirt (summer)
4House T-Shirt4House T-Shirt
5Steel grey blazers (winter)5Steel grey blazers (winter)
6Black Shoe6Black Shoe
7Black Socks7Black Socks
8School Stripe Necktie8House Ribbon
9Black School Bag9Black School Bag
1010School Necktie

  1. Parents should visit their wards every 2nd and 4th Sundays between 11:30 am to 4:00pm.
  2. Parents are not allowed to withdraw their wards before clearing their required fees and dues.
  3. Boarders are not allowed to wear ornaments or any other costly items. The school is not responsible for any loss or damage.
  4. Private clothing or wearing of any items of private clothes/ Non School pattern of cloths is not permitted on any occasion including Holidays. Parents are therefore advised not to send any items of private clothing along with their wards.

Some amount may please be deposited by the parents/ guardians at the time of admission of their wards. The amount may be changed from time to time. This is to be treated as caution money; this deposit amount will not be refunded if the student is withdrawn from the school before the completion of their course. The amount should be fixed by the authority and it may be increased or decreased.
– If the student is withdrawn once the term has started, refund of fees and Deposit Amount is inadmissible.

Keeping of cash and other valuable articles including mobile phones, Walkman, transistors, tape recorders or any other electronic items are strictly prohibited. Parents/ guardians are advised to send money in the form of cash, draft or cheque. If in case of draft and cheque the name of the student, roll number, class and boarding number of the student should be written on the reverse of draft or cheque.

Parents need not call up their wards as a matter of routine as it makes them home sick and disturb them from their studies. If in case of emergency parents may contact the respective wardens and discuss the matter.

The school does not permit the students to go out of the school campus so long as the academic session is in progress except the unavoidable circumstances. Parents/Guardians are advised to plan celebration functions only during the vacation and not in the school campus.

The students may be taken home for out pass after entering to the In-Out pass Register after taking the prior permission from the Principal/Headmistress/OSD/Wardens. If any student is found going out of the school campus without proper permission, any action/legal action may be taken up against the student without any notice.

Boarders are not allowed to go from the School Campus without Proper Dress during the school hour or after taking permission from the school authority.

Any absence from the school during the session without proper reasons is not permitted. Parents/Guardians are advised not to detain their wards at home on expiry of the vacations/out pass, failing which a fine of Rs. 50/- per day will be imposed on the students. The students having less than 75% attendance are not permitted to appear in the Annual Final Examination.

If any student escapes or go out from the school campus without any information than his deposit amount will not be refunded. He / She cannot be a Day Scholar student from the school again. Although he/ she can appear the exam from own home by the help of private tutor.

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